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"If you drive a car, I'll tax the street. If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat. If you get too cold, I'll tax the heat. If you talk a walk, I'll tax your feet. Taxman! Well, I'm the Taxman."

— The Beatles ("Taxman" song)


Passage of the FairTax will take a groundswell of support from citizens across the country. To make this happen, volunteers like you are needed to help spread the word about the positive impact the FairTax will have on our nation. Yes, YOU can make a difference by writing to your elected representatives, writing letters to editors, making presentations to clubs and civic organizations, and telling your friends and neighbors about the FairTax. To assist you in your efforts, a variety of resources are provided here. Please feel free to use them! (Many of the documents listed below are in PDF format. You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view these documents. To download the free PDF reader, click here.)

PA Fairtax Volunteer Team

For further assistance, check our PA volunteer team list for an AFFT member closest to you. We will be happy to help and answer questions.
   Contact a local PA FairTax team member near you
   Contact the FairTax PA State Director

Find Your Elected U.S. and PA House and Senate Members

Federal: It is important for your U.S. legislators to know where you stand on the Federal FairTax proposal if we are to get their support for passage. Please call or write both your U.S. Senators and your district U.S. House member now and often to pressure them to take action to support H.R. 25 and S. 122. You can find your U.S. elected district officials and their contact information through our link to Rep Ron Paul's Liberty Committee. Simply search by zipcode, address, or State
   Find your elected U.S. district officials
   Check PA Scorecard – See how your U.S. District House Rep stands

PA State:  While FairTax is a federal bill, passage is important to our state of Pennsylvania, as it will help the economy grow and provide Pennsylvania with much needed additional State revenues. FairTax rather than organized gambling is the way to provide Pennsylvania with productive additional revenues for State and property tax reductions. Therefore, we ask that you contact your Pennsylvania State House and Senate members, and ask them to use their influence on our federal legislators to help get the FairTax passed. To find your Pennsylvania district congressional members representing you in Harrisburg, use the link below and enter your zipcode in the upper right–hand corner.
   Locate PA State House and Senate members in Harrisburg
   Cover Letter format to PA State Legislator in Harrisburg
   Endorsement letter format for PA State Legislator in Harrisburg

Sample Letters — Ideas for Contacting Representatives and Media

Pennsylvania TV, Radio, and Newspaper Sources

Get media contact information for press releases and letters to the editor
   Contact media and press Information

Volunteer Materials

    We have included resource materials to make spreading the word about the FairTax easy and effective. Please feel free to use any of these materials in your efforts.
  • FairTax Petition (PDF format, 1 page) — Use the petition to obtain signatures of support and then mail them back to us at the address provided. We will combine them with 100's of others and hand deliver them to our federal legislative offices (locally) to maximize their effectiveness.
  • FairTax six minute Audio/Video Animated Presentation — Forward this moving audio/video presentation link around to everyone you can. Education on FairTax H.R. 25 and S. 122 is the key to passage! At six minutes long, this may take some time to download, but it's worth it!
  • Americans for Fair Taxation Organizational Summary (PDF format, 1 page) — Who are the Americans for Fair Taxation? How and why did they develop the FairTax Act? A good starter handout.
  • FairTax FAQ (PDF format, 22 pages) — Answers to 50 frequently asked questions about the FairTax Act.
  • FairTax Personal Net Effective Rate Calculator — Totally anonymous. To compare apples to apples you should compare your FairTax Rate to the actual income tax rate you pay, but remember to add your FICA payroll taxes to your income tax amount, as FairTax also covers these payments.
  • 23% Inclusive vs 30% Exclusive FairTax Rate Explanation (PDF format, 3 pages) — Is it 23% or 30%? It's both! Read an in depth explanation of quoted FairTax rates with examples.
  • 23% Inclusive Revenue Neutral Rate Calculations (PDF format, 1 page) — This shows exactly how the 23% inclusive — 30% exclusive sales tax rate was determined.
  • FairTax Brochure (PDF format, 40 pages) — FairTax Brochure (MSWord, 4 pages) — This brochure can be attached to an email to a friend or associate, or printed for distribution.
  • Tax Effective Rates (PNG image, 1 page) — This one-page chart demonstrates how the FairTax rebate protects all families from paying tax on necessities up to the poverty level. 
  • FairTax Pocket Card (PDF format, 1 page) — This handy document prints a pocket-sized card of FairTax Facts.
  • FairTax Talking Points (PDF format, 4 pages ) — Talking points are designed as an outline for a 15 to 30 minute speech.
  • FairTax PowerPoint Presentation (PPT format, 10 slides) — This PowerPoint slideshow is designed for a 20 - 30 minute presentation. Right click the file link here and "save target", then open in PowerPoint. (This presentation requires Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. If you do not have MS PowerPoint Viewer installed, click here for the free download.)

FairTax Books

Ose book       Boortz book1       Boortz book2        Hoagland FairTax book

Links to Other Websites

Congressman Rob Woodall

Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-7) is the primary sponsor of H.R. 25 and is working tirelessly to promote the FairTax.
   Visit Congressman Woodall's Website

Americans for Fair Taxation

The Americans for Fair Taxation (AFFT) is the national organization created to promote passage of the FairTax Act, H.R. 25.
   Visit AFFT's National Website

National Retail Sales Tax Alliance

NRSTA's sole purpose is uniting and educating Americans on creating a better tax system to fund our federal government.
   Visit the National Retail Sales Tax Alliance

"To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers."

— Louis L'Amour, American author

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