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"The income tax is a twentieth-century socialist experiment that has failed."

— Alan L. Keyes, American political activist


Region/Representative                Name/Email                                 Phone                 
FairTax State Director in PA Ken Fody  e-mail 267-923-1799

FairTax District Directors in PA - listed by district

PA-1     Rep R Brady vacant
PA-2     Rep C Fattah Hank Wilson  e-mail H: 215-924-0173
PA-3     Rep M Kelly vacant
PA-4     Rep S Perry
Ken Doerbecker  e-mail C: 412-576-3991
PA-5     Rep G Thompson vacant
PA-6     Rep J Gerlach William Esbenshade  e-mail H: 610-383-5548
PA-7     Rep P Meehan vacant
PA-8     Rep M Fitzpatrick Ralph Crance  e-mail W: 888-642-7079
H: 215-297-0878
C: 215-630-1876
PA-9     Rep B Schuster vacant
PA-10   Rep T Marino vacant
PA-11   Rep L Barletta vacant
PA-12   Rep K Rothfus
Laura Hough  e-mail H: 724-632-6518
PA-13   Rep A Schwartz vacant
PA-14   Rep M Doyle vacant
PA-15   Rep C Dent George Keil
PA-16   Rep J Pitts vacant
PA-17   Rep M Cartwright
PA-18   Rep T Murphy Nick Coniglio  e-mail H: 412-403-6162

FairTax Community Coordinators in PA - listed alphabetically by community

Altoona (PA-9) Scott Campanaro H: 814-943-7883
Ambridge (PA-4) Walter Sickles  e-mail H: 724-266-9060
Armagh (PA-9) Jack Michael Nelson  e-mail C: 814-418-3524
Blue Bell (PA-13) Joshua Bentley  e-mail H: 610-277-4930
Export (PA-18) Elizabeth Male  e-mail H: 724-327-2524
Grove City (PA-3) Dave Dayton  e-mail W: 724-748-5868
H: 724-458-9215
Meadville (PA-3) Dennis Patton  e-mail H: 814-336-3972
New Brighton (PA-4) Lisa Peacock  e-mail H: 724-624-6092
North Sewickley Twp. (PA-4) Mary Fabian  e-mail H: 724-758-6291
Pittsburgh (PA-4) Raymond Horvath
H: 412-630-9292
Pittsburgh (PA-14) Robert Salinetro  e-mail H: 412-398-1353
Pittsburgh (PA-18) Kenneth Arthur  e-mail H: 412-894-8256
Sewickley (PA-4) Joshua Walker  e-mail H: 412-537-7777
Wampum (PA-4) Jennifer Davis

Waynesburg (PA-12) Barbara Headlee  e-mail H: 724-998-8234
Willow Grove (PA-13) Rob Burroughs  e-mail
Local Contact
W: 215-830-8577
H: 215-208-4155
Willow Street (PA-16) Franz Heymann  e-mail C: 717-381-7589

"If all do not join now to save the good old ship of the Union this voyage, nobody will have a chance to pilot her on another voyage."

— Abraham Lincoln, former U.S. president

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