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Sample Letter to the Editor

Well-Deserved Bonus


Dear Editor:

As the owner of a small business, I am confronted every day with the harsh realities of dealing with our income tax system. I have to keep track of income, inventories, and expenses, some of which are deductible, some are not, and some seem to be deductible or not, depending on the phase of the moon! I must track depreciation, tax basis for assets sold, and various pension and deferred compensation rules.

I thought all was lost until I heard about the FairTax supported by Americans for Fair Taxation. It will repeal the federal income tax, including capital gains, all corporate and self-employment taxes, all payroll taxes, and the estate and gift taxes. No more loopholes, which lower everybody's tax but mine, and no more I.R.S.

Ending corporate income and payroll taxes, and dramatically reducing income tax compliance costs will allow me to expand my business and maybe hire a few new employees, or pay some well-deserved bonuses to my dedicated staff, who find it harder and harder to make ends meet these days.

As a small businessman, I've heard and seen many tax proposals throughout my years, but none that calls for the sweeping changes needed as the FairTax does. If you feel the same animosity towards our present tax system, visit the website: or


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