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Sample Letter to the Editor

Make America Competitive Again


Dear Editor:

Americans should be concerned about the competitive edge that our tax system gives foreign manufacturers. We should no longer allow the income tax to make foreign-produced goods more competitive than our own.

Replacing the income tax with the FairTax, a highly progressive federal consumption tax, will end this practice and make American products 20% to 30% more competitive, both at home and abroad. What a break for U.S. producers and consumers as well! Getting rid of the income tax will dramatically lower production costs in this country. And competition will ensure that these cost savings will flow not only to the pockets of American manufacturers who will be able to create more and better-paying jobs, but also to the pockets of American consumers who will be able to buy more, save more, and invest more.

It's time to give American producers and consumers a break by passing the FairTax into law. I would encourage your readers to visit the Americans for Fair Taxation website at or


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