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"Those who do work are denied a fair return for their labor by a tax system which penalizes successful acheivement and keeps us from maintaining full productivity."

— Ronald Reagan, former U.S. president


You can make a difference! Get involved with thousands of others across the country and in PA. Through teamwork, the FairTax will become a reality. Here is how.

1.   Sign the FairTax Petition

Sign a petition to support the FairTax to repeal the current income tax code. The hand signed/mailed petition is preferred for maximum effectiveness and leverage with Legislators. Download, sign and mail petitions to the address provided. All petitions will be combined for each U.S. legislative district in PA, and delivered in person by FairTax volunteers locally, to influence your Representative to support House bill H.R. 25 and Senate bill S. 122.
    Print and mail version of petition (PDF printable format)

2.   Write and Call Your Federal Legislators

Include your two U.S. Senators and the U.S. House of Representative member from your district. This is in addition to signing a petition which is a permanent record of your wishes. A simple call, letter, email or fax expressing your desire to see the FairTax enacted is also a powerful tool. If you choose to call (most effective method), their DC office is best. Ask to speak to the legislator's Tax L.A. (legislative assistant). If any of your legislators are undecided in their support of the Fair Tax, ask them to document their reservations to House bill H.R. 25 in a brief written response mailed to you. If you do not receive a written response within 30 days, follow up with another polite call or letter. When you receive their response, either by phone or by mail, forward it to a PA FairTax volunteer. An AFFT member will take all responses and visit your Rep's office in DC to address and clarify any concerns they may have listed.

Only consistent grassroots enthusiasm and pressure will ensure that congress addresses the FairTax. Congressmen rarely hear from large numbers of constituents on any one issue — and if there is one thing that Congressmen listen to, it's when their constituents speak in large numbers! We must be enthusiastic and consistent in contacting our representatives about the FairTax. Your phone calls, letters, and emails will make a difference. Tell your elected leaders that the FairTax is an idea whose time has come.
    Elected federal legislators - search contact info by state or zip code
    Get ideas from sample letters under volunteer resources
    Forward your responses to a local PA FairTax volunteer

3.   Call Your Local PA Legislator

Ask for their support. PA will benefit under a FairTax Federal System. PA State Government will be saved from the burdening FICA matching fees they currently pay for every employee, money that will remain in the PA budget to be spent in a manner the PA citizens choose. This includes millions in FICA matching payments that each school district in PA will be free from, providing needed funds that can be spent on education in the classroom instead.

With the explosion in the economy FairTax will bring, PA cititzens will find many new and better jobs available to them. This means more revenue for the State as well. Extra revenues could be spent on reducing personal income taxes and property taxes around PA if that is what our State legislators choose to do with the funds.

Call your State legislator and ask for their support of House bill H.R. 25. Ask them to use their influence on our U.S. legislators to get FairTax passed in DC for the betterment of PA.
    Locate PA State House & Senate members in Harrisburg (upper right corner)

4.   Educate Your Friends and Neighbors About the FairTax

To assist you in your efforts, we provided a variety of resources, including: a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, sample letters to editors, a speech outline, quick facts cards, and a copy of the actual House bill H.R. 25 cards.
    Check out the volunteer resources

5.   Organize a FairTax presentation in your area.

Find a free library or community room. Advertise locally with flyers. Invite your local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Churches, neighbors and friends. FairTax PA will send a trained volunteer to explain the merits of House bill H.R. 25.
    Sample Flyer: PDF format  MS Word format
    Find PA FairTax volunteers near you

6.   Become the AFFT Volunteer Community Coordinator in your area.

If you want to do more, join the FairTax volunteer team. It's easy. As community coordinator, you will become first contact for those with direct inquiries, answer questions and promote local presentations and other support activities. You will make phone calls to those that sign petitions in your area to see what they will do to help, and encourage those in your area to call their Congress members on a regular basis. It is not necessary that you give presentations yourself unless you feel comfortable doing so. Remember FairTax will not pass unless there is a major grassroots movement. Our goal is to have one FairTax coordinator in each of PA's 18 legislative districts, and in every legislative district throughout the country. If you feel strongly about FairTax, consider the job.
   Contact PA FairTax coordinator
    Find FairTax volunteer contacts anywhere throughout the U.S.A.

7.   PA FairTax Yahoo Group Membership

Join our FairTax Yahoo News Group (200 members and growing). You will be able to post questions to get fast answers, exchange ideas, and simply keep in touch with other Pennsylvanians that are working to get FairTax passed.
   PA FairTax Yahoo Group and follow instructions to join.

8.   Take out a membership to Americans for Fair Taxation

Become an official member we can count on. All grassroots efforts require working capital. AFFT has spent $22 million dollars on research to make House bill H.R. 25 a reliable piece of legislation that would provide needed Federal revenues while restoring privacy for all. We need your help to keep up the campaign to get the FairTax passed. Please consider a donation to AFFT.
   Membership Form

9.   Pick a job and help

We currently need the following help:
       Web help – PDF file conversion, maintainence time and advice
       Party organizing – fund raiser dinner coming in late October
       Yard Signs Project help
             Underwrite the cost of signs (more details here)
             Help with printing services or distribution of the signs
    Contact us on these jobs and other ways to help

10. Sign Up For Ongoing Alerts on FairTax Progress and News!

Join the growing number of Pennsylvanians, over 7,000 now, who realize the current tax system is broken beyond repair and are ready for the FairTax! Join our PA FairTax Yahoo group bulletin board by providing us with your email address. We'll keep you informed about the progress of House bill H.R. 25, FairTax events and publicity, and volunteer opportunities around the state. If you prefer, you can contact a member of the PA FairTax team in your area directly and provide your phone number or address, to receive ongoing alerts.
   Contact a PA FairTax team volunteer in your area with your contact information

"We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history."

— Sonia Johnson, author

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