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Sample Letter to the Editor

Save the Middle Class


Dear Editor:

As a hardworking employee, I have always been dismayed at how much money I don't take home due to federal income and payroll taxes. Americans for Fair Taxation is proposing a consumer-oriented, fair tax proposal that will benefit taxpayers and not the I.R.S. The middle class, the majority of the population, will be better off under this new tax system. They, not the government, will control the amount they pay in taxes, because they control what and how much they purchase. The FairTax will continue to fund government at its current level so that government programs will continue to be funded, and Social Security and Medicare benefits will continue just like they did before.

And the middle class will not be the only ones to benefit from the FairTax because poverty-level Americans will pay no federal tax at all. They will no longer pay the highly regressive payroll tax imposed on the very first dollar earned, and they, like all Americans, will no longer pay 20% to 30% in hidden federal income taxes every time they spend a dollar. That is right, 20% to 30% of every dollar spent goes to the government to pay hidden federal taxes, including corporate income and payroll taxes that businesses pass on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Every American should visit the website at or to receive more information about this innovative tax replacement proposal that would greatly help hardworking Americans take home every penny they earn.


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