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Message from Congressmen Linder and Peterson

Dear Friend,

It is time for the FairTax, a simple federal sales tax that will replace the federal income tax and eliminate the IRS as we know it. The FairTax will ensure that no individual ever again files an income tax form, while allowing the federal government to raise the same amount of money as it does now.

The FairTax could save taxpayers more that $225 billion a year and would allow every American to keep 100% of his paycheck. With the FairTax, Social Security and Medicare can be protected while at the same time increasing personal choice and control for every American.

The FairTax would give American business the opportunity to become more competitive both at home and abroad. As the cost of doing business in the United States falls, our nation will become a more attractive place to do business and locate facilities, thereby bringing jobs and investment into our nation. Consumer prices could also drop dramatically.

The American public desperately wants a tax system that is fair. We need Congress to consider genuine tax reform seriously, and we need YOU to help make it happen.

To join the FairTax fight or for more information, please contact Americans for Fair Taxation at 1-800-FAIRTAX or visit our website at

Imagine when April 15th is simply just another spring day.

Enthusiastically yours,

John Linder (R-GA)
Collin C. Peterson (D-MN)

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